What can you do in 12 hours? Join the conversation with Lunette!

12 HOURS! That’s half a day, 720 minutes or from sun-up to sun-down (depending on your geographical happenings) and y’all let’s face it, that’s a big chunk DO YOU time right there.

Especially in a time when we’re all trying to maintain careers, households, body goals (damn you bread), relationships, friendship blips, feeding kids, avoiding other people’s kids, stress management, project management (how often do I really need to wash my bras?), hair management, money woes, election blows, perfectly painted toes, existential questions of our universe roles and what even are my hobbies anyway?

All of this whilst on your period.


Now you’re covered

The last thing you need while dealing with all of the above is a travel tampon supply emergency or a “how can I ninja-style my way to the office bathroom with this pack of sanitary pads” palava. ENOUGH. I’ve got better things to think about (chocolate croissants included).

Your re-useable Lunette menstrual cup can be used for up to 12 hours straight. That’s 12 hours of no hassle, no worries, no “oh f**k” moments.

If your flow is niagara-like or you are a new cup user, check out our blog article that answers all of your questions about emptying your cup 👍

What can you do in 12 hours?

So, it’s time for more Do You. Whether 12 hours of ‘you time’ is flying to the other side of the world, running 3 marathons or watching the complete extended trilogy of Lord Of The Rings in one sitting.

We want to know what 12 hours of “Do You” looks like to you!

We’ll be sharing our favorite examples on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat (@lunettecup) and beyond.

So share what YOU could do in 12 hours on social media and be sure to tag us and use the hashtags #12h and #DoYou for more chance for us to spot your posts!