Essential adventure gear, period.

In an effort to empower people to get hiking every day of their cycle, Lunette has joined forces with Peak Performance to create a limited-edition cup cleaner case for our menstrual cups. Shaped from durable and airtight stainless steel, the case allows you to clean your cup properly by removing the lid and the pint ring, then putting the cup case on a fire to boil once you reach base camp. With a special clip-on feature, it’s easy to attach to the rest of your gear, making it perfect for long adventures!

Periods in the wilderness? We got you covered

Hiking on your period? It’s not only possible but we highly recommend it! We believe that having a period shouldn’t stop anyone from exploring the world and embarking on their next adventure.

Read our tips and tricks on how to tackle your periods and how to cleanse and empty your Lunette Cup on a hike!


A tribute to past & future female adventurers

Women have always ventured out and explored the wild. Now, finally, they can do it wearing garments and gear specifically created for them. Peak Performance is paving way for modern female adventures, by offering advanced period care for everyday explorers! The Lunette Cup gives you an environmentally, economical and most importantly reliable alternative for the outdoorsy lifestyle.


Your outdoor essentials

Lunette Cup

Hiking while on your periods just got a whole lot simpler! Being eco-friendly, comfortable and handy, Lunette Cup is every nature lover's choice of period care. Free up the space from your backpack for more pleasant things (like chocolate) than used disposables and enjoy hiking without anything uncomfortable in your panties. Wear, empty, cleanse and reuse - as simple as that!

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Lunette Cup Wipes

These super convenient wipes keep your cup in action even in the most difficult surroundings without running water. Containing only alcohol and water, these handy single packed wipes sanitize your cup and hands.

Dispose of this biodegradable wipe in a dry toilet or the bin if available, but do not leave it to the nature.

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Lunette Intimate Wipes

Whether you have periods or not, these wet wipes are a must! Freshen up your vulva when going to the toilet or wipe the sweat off your face or underarms after reaching the mountaintop. Suitable for sensitive skin.

Dispose of this biodegradable wipe in a dry toilet or the bin if available, but do not leave it to the nature.

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